The Castle - Dick Morris

The Castle

By Dick Morris

  • Release Date: 2013-10-17
  • Genre: Terror


"A very enjoyable horror novella; I enjoyed not being able to guess what would happen. Nice, creepy horror that isn't overdone, with plenty of surprises you won't expect..." (An Amazon reviewer.)

Four friends on a touring holiday of vampire country in Eastern Europe find their vacation turns into a nightmare when they head down a road that is not on the map. The village they find themselves in looks to be idyllic. But why do so many residents have lopsided faces?. And why is everyone so sad? And why are mists so prevalent? And who lives in the mysterious castle on the hill? Gradually, the four friends uncover the village's secret, and figure out the fate that lies in store....

About 24000 words. 

Also available as a paperback.