Three Horror Stories - Dick Morris

Three Horror Stories

By Dick Morris

  • Release Date: 2015-05-01
  • Genre: Terror


The Castle

Four friends on a touring holiday of vampire country in Eastern Europe find their vacation turns into a nightmare when they head down a road that is not on the map. The village they find themselves in looks to be idyllic, but why do so many residents have lopsided faces?. And why is everyone so sad? And why are mists so prevalent? And who lives in the mysterious castle on the hill? Gradually, the four friends uncover the village's secret, and figure out the fate that lies in store.... 

The Ruin

Mike and Geraldine Baker take over a hotel in a remote and beautiful Welsh valley and a mysterious object lands nearby. Mike thinks it is a meteorite, but the thing has several unusual features. Theories are put forward as to what the object actually is; and a bomb disposal officer thinks it is a hoax. Gradually, however, it becomes clear that the object is stranger than anyone can imagine, and for the few people living in the valley, and for the tourists visiting it, heaven turns slowly into hell...

The Weather Station

When four friends arrive on a remote Scottish island, they think they have found the holiday destination of their dreams. The island is rugged, exposed, and visited by the ferry only once a week, and lightly populated too, for this early in the season. The local publican makes them very welcome, and his wife serves wonderful food. But parts of the weather station are something of a mystery. 

Gradually, the friends begin to figure out that all is not well here, and that mysterious and dangerous undercurrents operate in this community. They are trapped here too, for one whole week, during which very small things, like a football match result, can have far reaching consequences… 

About 67000 words.    

Contains sex scenes.